Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did you miss me?

I've been at my cottage where the bears run free and the internet access does not. Despite the rainy and unseasonably cold weather (oh gee, shocking, because we didn't have a summer like that LAST year) it's still great to be at the lake.

To make up for being incommunicado, I give you a few scenes from my cottage. I will be back on a regular basis, just not until the end of the summer.

Enjoy your summer! Except for my Australian readers who are frolicking in the snow about now. I'll raise a glass of gin and tonic in your honour.


nightsmusic said...

Of course, we missed you!

What beautiful country. And why can't I get my foxglove to grow like that? You're farther north than I am :-(

Are you back now? Or temporarily?

A Novel Woman said...

My foxglove secret? Well, I didn't plant it. It popped up where I stockpile my dog poop.

You did ask.

And I'm headed back up shortly.

nightsmusic said...

Um...okay, well, I have two dogs. Maybe I should buy a couple more plants and bury the roots in their poop...

Hey! It's worth a shot, I suppose...

Bush Babe said...

Yes we missed you!!! Adore those pics (and missing some stories about the activities of a summer cottage getaway... sounds v decadent?).

Bush Babe said...

PS Not quite snow here (it is Queensland!) but I have my parker and slippers on!

Anonymous said...

Great shots from the lake...jeez I miss that place. Thanks for the memories (sigh).
allison s.