Monday, August 17, 2009

How's your summer?

Back at my friend's cottage dubbed the Lake Louisa Internet Cafe due to the influx of internet-deprived cottagers who regularly show up on the lawn to "borrow" access for our internet fix. Forgive the typos because I'm dashing this off before I get the boot. (Actually I've just been offered lunch on the terrace. Life is good, very good, at the moment.)

So how has everyone been spending their summer? Here's my friend Bruce in his plane. He commutes to the lake from his home in Ottawa and it's our custom to wave hello and goodbye every weekend. This means he buzzes our cottage, I run out with a tea towel and wave madly and Bruce tips the wings in response. Even Buddy knows when Bruce is above us and he runs in circles and out on the deck in a mad frenzy.
And a bit of that:
(No that's not me hanging off the side. That's my friend Arlene, with my hubby and her husband Claude "The Pad Man" manning the keel or hoisting the petard or whatever it is one does when one sails. Me, I'm a landlubber with a long lens.)

And then last Saturday was the Lake Louisa Great Relay Race. Teams of five compete for bragging rights and a really cool trophy made of a birch stump. Each team consists of a cyclist who bikes halfway around the lake to their runner who speeds through hill and dale and the occasional backyard over to two paddlers in a canoe who then paddle over to their swimmer who brings it home to the club dock. The spectators cheer from the club lawn while enjoying hotdogs and beer (my favourite part.)

Young and old participate, family members and friends from around the lake.

Some learn the hard way that the partying is best done AFTER the race, not the night before.
This team's uniform was a crowd favourite:

My nephews, or second cousins-in-law once removed or whatever, just goofing around:

And the grand prize winners! Just look at Les Boys.
The fellow in the Tilley hat is Lawrence, the organizer of the race. He gets up early and sweeps the road of debris, sets up traffic cones, etc. Oh, and he's a bachelor so if any of you ladies are looking for a good man....


Bush Babe said...

Ummm... I am trying REALLY hard to ignore the ones of your nephews/assorted relatives, because ogling your friend's next generation rellies is kinda nasty and weird... but... *deep breath*... that plane looks like fun!

(And if you think I haven't gone back UP the post v-e-r-y slowly to see that plane, you don't know me very well!!!)

Bush Babe said...

PS That race really sounds like fun too... as long as one is sitting beside you, with a Nikon and a beer in hand!

aussiechic said...

Cute boys!!! I don't care that I am a 39 yr old woman with a 10 mth old son.....I can still look - and I rue the day that I am not able to do so!!!!!

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay Pam! Great way to avoid all the humidity! We decided to avoid it by finally taking a vacation and ended up road tripping down so far south (Mobile, Alabama and the Beaches) that the humidity caught up with us again! :-)

glovin said...

That race really sounds like fun too... as long as one is sitting beside you,

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