Friday, July 23, 2010

Water, water, water.

Pioneer Woman is having another photography contest and this time the theme is water. Here are a few shots I'm considering. Turns out I have tons of water shots. I was born under a water sign after all.

I sent in the feather/droplet but the rest are all up for consideration.

Which one is your favourite?

1. Water drop on feather

2. Fall leaf on rock
3. Oahu fountain
4. Baie D'Urfe sailboat
5. Lily-of-the-Valley
6. Lady's mantle
7. Baie D'Urfe pond
8. Honolulu beach
9. Fall leaves in pond
10. Fall Reflection

(This one is my least favourite but people always comment on it.)


Julie K said...

Love the fountain one and the lady's mantle one. I think you should also consider sending in that winter one with the red door that I love so would be an unexpected entry, I think...

Anonymous said...

They are all wonderful "water" photographs! I think the droplet of water on the feather is unique. At least I've never seen a photograph of a water drop on a feather!

Linda G. said...

Like them all, but the play of light in #2 appeals to me most of all. Good luck!

BB said...

These are gorgeous Pam - I love the feather one... all them actually, but the feather one sticks with me.

Hanna said...

I choose #2. Wasn't easy to pick. They're all gorgeous.

Rachel Walsh said...

Pam, these are all gorgeous, but the perfect round water drops against the brilliant green of the Lady's mantle really struck me.

Wonderful pics! :-)

Debby said...

I love the Baie D'urfe pond. Know why? This is really stupid but I saw a leaf floating on the water just like that once, and it just caught my eye and I thought, 'Oh, I wish I were an artist or a photographer. I wish I could capture that...' And you have. It was a shock to see that picture, but I love it. It's like you took it just for me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Number six. Simply a stunner!