Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Scenes from a Fall Day

These were taken yesterday whilst Buddy and I were out and about, mostly in the city's back alleys which I love. Except in the winter. These are a mess in the winter when we get piles of snow and ruts of ice and the cars you see peeking out can't actually get out. And there's nowhere to put the snow you're shoveling. Other than that, the alleys are pretty swell.

Also, Not My Problem. I have indoor parking for the first time ever and I plan on never going back to scraping layers of ice off my car every time I want to go get a carton of milk. But I digress.

Alleys are pretty this time of year.

The Private Lane 15 sign intrigued me, and only made me a) want to trespass (which I did to take the photo) and, b) want to go on a quest to find Private Lane 1 through 14. And beyond.

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Debby said...

Your curiousity has piqued mine. Get your camera and do some trespassing.