Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I'm glad someone is enjoying the snow.


nightsmusic said...

Is he enjoying playing in it? Or eating it? :)

Mine charge the side door until they realize there's snow on the stoop. Then they do a slide/stop til their feet hit the door jamb and out they go arse over teakettle.

Debby said...

Buddy is cute, but I have to say, nightsmusic's dogs sound way more entertaining!

nightsmusic said...

They never look as cute as Buddy. We've had so much snow now that in the past several days, when they finally find their feet and wander off to do their business, they have this odd, tripod stance and the older one, female, tries to lift one front foot out of the snow as well. So she looks like a gecko. The younger male squats because he was neutered very young so he keeps bouncing up and down every time his dinger hits the snow. And it hits all the time.

Idiots. If they'd just go out and get things done, it would be easier.