Monday, May 19, 2008

Scenes from the lake

Before I foist anymore tulip photos upon you, I offer you some scenes from the lake this past weekend. I braved black flies and mosquitoes and yes, even a black bear (I found myself inadvertantly sitting in its scat as I waited for the woodchuck to stop chucking and come out of the proverbial woodpile) in order to get these shots and more. Ah, the siren call of the Nikon....

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TerriRainer said...

My favorite is the 4th one...what is that (no, I don't EVER go camping)?

I wanted to say Prairie Dog, but he looked a bit too beefy.

Beaver? Didn't think his teeth looked big enough!

Better you than me out there!

:) Terri

laughingwolf said...

cool pics, thank you....

but how could you sit in bear scat and not know it?

A Novel Woman said...

Terri, I think it's a woodchuck or groundhog. He puffed himself up and charged me because I think he was protecting babies.

Laughing wolf, when I say I sat "in" bear scat, I meant I sat surrounded by it at my feet. I sat on a big boulder and a log at one point, but when I looked down, there it was. I'm going to have to pay attention this summer.

Merrymags said...


That second to last photo -- is that a fungi or some such? Thank you, again, for the incredible pics. I won't be posting for the next few days -- we're headed out on vacation (Yosemite National Park). Take care....


A Novel Woman said...

Midge, that's lichen growing on a birch trunk.

Have fun on vacation!

laughingwolf said...

ok, i thought you meant literally ;)

thankfully, no griz in ontario :O lol

Laura Bradbury said...

Dear Pam,

I feel like breaking into a rousing renditon of "O Canada!"
or perhaps "Land of the Silver Birch". Thanks for the little bit of home.

I still want to know more about your camera.

Bises xo


A Novel Woman said...

Bonjour Laura!

I have a Nikon D200 with an 18-200mm lens, which is the one I use most of the time, and a micro 105mm for extreme close-ups. To say I love it is an understatement. I want to run away with it and have ten thousand of its babies. I originally wanted a D80, also a fab camera, but they offered me a demo D200 for about the same price, so I went with that one.

Doug has a Canon EOS which he loves and uses every day in the office. My sister has one two and so does Karen.

Susan Adrian said...

Day-am, woman, you're rocking this picture thang. :)