Monday, May 5, 2008

A video movie could improve your life

So sayeth Sharon and Fred.

Who needs a movie? Why, you do!

Check out their promotional video, and consider jazzing up your website, especially if you're an artist or a tradesperson.

Special events can be captured so you can send memories to the folks back home. What about prom night, costume parties or that special evening out? Wouldn't you like to capture that on video? What about animation?

Think how a video can show your home or RV to its fullest advantage.

Ah, I love Sharon and Fred. Thanks to Lainey for this link. Oh, I just had to add their official website address HERE.

Can't stop....too hard to choose a favourite....


kc dyer said...

I had to go to their site -- there are many more Sharon and Fred videos to be had. An embarrassment of riches!


A Novel Woman said...

kc, I hope you checked out Bush and Mahatma. Made my day, they did. Gotta love optimists.

Lynne said...

well, I'm not too certain why that's funny. On the other hand, I have voice recognition software and a new mountain on my blog. The software does not recognize his hysterical laughter. Oh, well!

TerriRainer said...

Are they from Arkansas by chance???

Just when you thought they had NO personality, a tiny glimmer of SOMETHING pops out. Not sure what, but SOMETHING!

Thanks for sharing, I was was kinda creepy.

:) Terri

A Novel Woman said...

Lynne, you don't know why that's funny? You realize those are legitimate videos, right? My daughter didn't find them funny at first because she thought it was someone playing a joke, a lame joke, but once she realized they were serious, she cracked up. I love them!

Terri, they sound like Southern Ontarians to me, but maybe they have folks in B.C. who have that accent. I adore their sincerity!

klasieprof said...

OH MY GAWD. I think I leaked a little pee in my pants