Friday, May 24, 2013

A Spring Walk In The Rain

Forgive me for being absent. There's been a lot of travel this month and more to come. There are graduations and birthdays and moves to organize and so much more.

Today, despite the drizzly weather and strong wind, Buddy and I went for a long walk on the city streets.

This is what we saw.

Aren't the colours in this tulip divine?

Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, for the upcoming Chihuly exhibit

Fading flowers, still beautiful

I know the artist is name Chihuly but I keep wanting to say Chipotle.

The last of the tulips.
Some interesting brickwork on Bishop Street

Another cat paw brick! A double one, in an alley off Bishop

This is the view from the alley. I almost got squashed by a delivery truck backing up. Don't you love this window? Wasted on a narrow alley, methinks. But such is Montreal. All kinds of surprises in hidden corners, tucked away from view.

Love these buildings, the old juxtaposed with the new. This is Montreal.

More carved stone.

I want to live here. There's a teensy deck on the second floor, and a large deck on the roof.

I took this by accident, but I kind of like it.


Unknown said...

Lovely pictures--thanks for sharing!

Debby said...

Thanks for taking us on your walk.

Terry said...

Brilliant as always. Love the connecting photographs.

Helen R-S said...

I _love_ Chihuly glass! I'm so jealous that Montreal is getting an exhibition.

If you're ever in Seattle, make sure you go to the Chihuly Glass Museum, it's absolutely amazing.