Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Deeds

I posted this on my FaceBook page, but I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see it.

Imagine if all of us acted this way, every day. 

I try. 

Even in the face of rudeness, or maybe especially in the face of rudeness, because those people, they are the ones who need to see and feel what it's like to have kindness thrust at them in unexpected ways.

Never surrender to the dark side. 



Debby said...

It just makes me glad to know that there are people like this in our world. Makes me more certain that it is important to be one of them.

A Novel Woman said...

Me too. And me too.

Lesa said...

Couldn't you look at videos like this for a long time? Certainly leaves one feeling more positive and happier to be "one of us" than much of what we see these days. Thanks for posting this.

Doug Jamieson said...

Thanks for this.