Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A dog-gone lovely tale

About an old, blind rescue dog pulled from a river. It will break your heart, and uplift you.

"Anyone who has ever known the love of a dog gets what Ria Ghai means when she says her rescue dog rescued her.

He cheers her when she's down. Spirits her from her desk when the challenges of her work - she is a doctoral student in biology at McGill University - threaten to overwhelm. Makes her feel safe.

"He's got me out of the house on walks when I thought I was going to crack, and he's been my friend to hold tight at night when I psych myself into thinking my house is haunted (yup, PhD student, still freaked out by ghosts) ... I don't know how I'd be getting through my PhD without him," she wrote recently--"

Read the rest (and see a photo) here:

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nightsmusic said...

You had to post another one of those things that makes my DH all upset because he can't figure out why I'm bawling.

Lovely story.