Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas 2015

Just to bring everyone up to speed.

Doug was diagnosed with thyroid cancer late May of this year. He had no symptoms, and they actually found the cancer while having a look at his heart (which is fine, more than fine, it's SUPER fine, because as Doug keeps reminding me, his doctor said "wow, you have the heart of an Olympic athlete.")
He had his thyroid surgery on August 24th (yup, our 30th wedding anniversary, proving God has a warped sense of humour) and while it slowed him down (first time anything has) he recovered really well. 

The next step was the restricted diet - no iodine, i.e., no iodized salt or sea salt, no dairy, no egg yolks, no fish, seafood etc. He lost ten pounds in 2 weeks which he claims has improved his hockey game, so SILVER LINING. Next, the radioactive iodine treatment in hospital, which he got last Tuesday. Following this, he has to be in total isolation because he's radioactive, so he drove up to our lakeside cabin with books, art supplies, cards, laptop, his keyboard and lots of food.

I'm on standby in case he runs out of anything or if he forgot anything (but I'll have to knock, lob it at him and run away into the woods.) He'll be back home on Sunday, so we will have our Christmas dinner when he returns.

He doesn't have Internet access in the cabin, so let me thank you all on his behalf for the many kindnesses and shown to us and all your good wishes. We really are very lucky. That being said, I will be really happy to kick 2015 to the curb.

Here's to a happy, healthy new year in 2016!