Monday, January 21, 2008

Cats, not the Broadway Version

Which do you prefer?

The first video, with talking cats:

Or the translation:


Anonymous said...

Dear N.W.,

Oh, I love them both-- for very different reasons. Thanks for posting these-- shared them with another cat lover at work and we enjoyed them. *s*


A Novel Woman said...

Hey Lauri,

I still crack up over the treats.

Ah, sometimes I feel guilty about not using the blog for Serious Purposes, but then I say to myself, Self, you are a grown woman and you can do what you _want_.

There should be no 'shoulds'.

Wait. There ought not to be any 'shoulds'.

Ach. 'Should' is such a dirty word. I should wash my mouth out with soap next time I use it.

Ah, geez...


helgor said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!

A Novel Woman said...


I don't usually post cat stuff but this one was good.

klasieprof said...

Oh man..this was great.
I gave up using "SHOULD" years ago, when I read that (according to 'research') it was the most GUILT PRODUCING word in the English language.

Yep..just cut it out of the dictionary...and after I read that..I almost always catch myself when I go to use it, and its a RED flag when someone else is trying to get me to do something THEY want me to do.

A Novel Woman said...

Klasieprof, I agree and if I can summarize...

Should = Bad (some exceptions)

Chocolate = Good

Cats the Musical = Bad

Cats the Pets = Good
(unless they belong to my neighbour, as hers spray my car, basement windows and front door, and they have "exploding anal sacs" in which case, they should (see exception to 'should' rule) be sent packing to the great catnip patch in the sky

Janet McConnaughey said...

Are you sure those are cats and not strornry realistic-looking squeaky toys? [blink, blink]

But I do think the translation is accurate.

A Novel Woman said...

Janet, the translation is eerily accurate. I know. I speak Cat.