Monday, February 25, 2008

A birthday card too good not to share

My fellow writer and friend, the talented and wonderful kc dyer, sent me this card (by Andrews McMeel Publishing) and I have to share it with you as it had me ON THE FLOOR laughing. I write cards for American Greetings and I'm pretty sure I could never get away with this.

The outside of the card shows two pleasant-looking girlfriends talking over drinks.

First girl: "Where's your birthday party at?"

Second girl: "Don't end a sentence with a preposition."

Open the card:

"Where's your birthday party at, bitch?"

Ah, I loves ya, kc!

You. Complete. Me.


Susan Adrian said...

OMG, I _want_ that. :)

A Novel Woman said...


Maybe it's a writer only thing, I don't know, but it KILLED me! I wasn't expecting it, so I laughed so hard I was crying.

Merrymags said...

Such are the treasures of Life! Most excellent. I know two friends with whom I'd like to gift with this card. They'd get it, too.


Susan Adrian said...

The sad thing is I am on both sides of that. One of the parents at my kid's party ended a sentence with "at" and I mentally cringed. But if somebody corrected me, I'd be all over the "bitch".

Me, I am so conflicted.

Trudy said...

Ha!! I want that card!

Somehow I think you may find your talents appreciated over at Andrews McMeel... I'm pretty sure that you have a few ideas for them!

A Novel Woman said...

Hi Trudy (whenever I think of you, that song from Bugs Bunny runs through my head "I dream of Jeannie, she's a light brown hare." Because you have great hair, not because you're rabbity.)

As a matter of fact, I'm on deadline for the card company I write for, and I can't quite get their humour...

I'm holding myself back, baby. I need to break out! (g)


BB said... Love it lots. Don't know how many rules I broke there, but had fun in the attempt! I am an ex-journo in Australia who is new to blog-land. Am finding it is entertaining, time-wasting and very, very engrossing. Slipped over from PDub's home page... feel free to visit and edit my grammar anytime!
Bush Babe (NB NOT a political blog :-))

Anonymous said...

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