Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reason #137 to live in London

Because I might be able to convince at least one of my kids to move there with me, and eventually marry a Brit, and then someday my grandchildren will sound like this:

Does anyone else hear a hint of Austin Powers in the "ouch" or is that me?


Anonymous said...

Awwww....cute. My boys would have bopped each other instead. Less cute.

Anonymous said...

I could eat them with a spoon! Please, please, give me great-nephews and nieces with little English accents (work on kid #3 - that's who you mean, right?)

Merrymags said...

"....and it's still 'urting."

I absolutely love this video! And yes, I would give anything for my children or my (someday) grandchildren to sound like Harry. All I can say about Charlie is that he's going to be a handsome laddie, whereas we can already see what a sweetie-pie Harry is. I love Harry's face as he realizes that Charlie means to take a real chunk out of his finger!


A Novel Woman said...

Midge, I also liked how he handled wee Charlie. I'm not sure my kids would have behaved so kindly.

Barbara said...

Thanks for the laugh. They were cute, and what a kind big brother!