Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What is art?

The brilliant team at Creature Comforts have invaded America!

Creature Comforts began in the UK about twenty years ago with Nick Park (Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run) at the helm. He would interview average people on a variety of topics, then take the unscripted conversations and animate them using claymation. They are low-key and ridiculously funny.

Here is a taste of the British one:

And here is the new offering, from the U.S.:


Susan Adrian said...

Oh my GOD I have to post that on my blog and watch it again and again. I love it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Those are hysterical! I especially like the one from the UK because of the great accents. Too funny.

A Novel Woman said...

Thanks! We have the British series on DVD. The Christmas one is a classic.

Anonymous said...

Pam: This is off-topic, but when are you going to post one of your stories that have been in magazines only available in Canada? Remember me, I'm the Yank who wanted some of your Buddy, squirrel, crazy neighbor stories? I'm still waiting, and since both sprouts have left for their respective universities, I'm a little blue, and a lot happy, which makes me feel guilty, which brings on more blues... You get my drift. Soooo I'm much in need of one of your hysterical Pam tales.
Yours, with bated* breath,
*Extra points for not spelling it "baited", even though I'm asking for Buddy and squirrel stories.

A Novel Woman said...

Hey, Jo.

Well, the Paignton House story that appeared here on the blog was published last summer (and it's going to be reprinted in The Muskokan.)

As for squirrel stories, I guess I figured people were sick of me talking about 'em. I can post it again, if you really want to read it. As for neighbour stories, well, I think I might write a new one for my WATERSHED autumn piece. Actually, the neighbours have been pretty quiet lately, so no new stories at the moment.

Let's see...what's in the vaults...

This year's summer piece is about my son growing up and moving out to his own apartment. That might not lift your spirits. (It made my editor and publisher cry.)

There's one about my daughter growing up and not needing me anymore....oh, geez, more sad stuff.

Hmmm. I see a pattern here. I think we're both at the same stage of our lives!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are at the same stage of our lives. The empty bedrooms make me sad, but also covetous, because I could really use a nice sewing room! Any squirrel stories you care to post, especially if they include Buddy and miscellaneous squirrel body parts would be Most Welcome.

laughingwolf said...

thank you, pam... i'm a huge animation fan, all types :)