Monday, November 10, 2008

Tommy Emmanuel and his Magic Guitar

Well, actually it's Tommy who is magic. I defy you to sit still when you listen to him play. I couldn't help but tap my feet, then I started drumming my fingers, then I found myself swaying with my eyes closed just absorbing his music. He's electrifying. Thank you Bush Babe for bringing him to my attention. How could I have not heard of him before now? If you like these, check out some of his other performances on YouTube - Angelina, a Beatles Medley, and Imagine. Oh, be still my heart....

Here are some highlights:

Guitar Boogie

Over the Rainbow

And a lesson/performance of Michelle for Claude "The Pad Man" so he can play this with the O.F. band next summer along with John "The Marathon Man" and Doug "My Main Man" and Ross "The Glass Man" alternatively known as "The Rubber Man" for his skills on the dance floor, especially after a few Laurentides:

And an update - Claude "The Pad Man" countered with THIS guy, Andy McKee. I've never heard of him, either. Would anyone like to see the rock I've been hiding under for the last few years?

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BB said...

Glad you fell in love Pam... the man is amazing!!