Monday, April 13, 2009

Rob Forbes - Ways of Seeing

I am cursed with a wicked head cold and nasty cough which has turned my usual sweet, melodious voice (no really, I usually sound like a cross between Julie Andrews and Imogen Heap) into something resembling this:

So while I drag myself around the kitchen to make chicken soup and delicately dab at my nose, I'll invite you to watch this. TED lectures never disappoint.

For my photography friends, particularly those with an interest in street photography.

Rob Forbes is a designer and the founder of Design Within Reach. He prefers the title Streetwalker. He spends a lot of time in urban areas looking for and studying design in the public sector, taking about 5,000 photos a year. Check out his TED lecture. (If you go to the site, you can choose to watch it in high res.)

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