Friday, February 12, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

The flame left Greece on October 30th, 2009, traveling

106 days to reach its final destination

26,000 km by land and 18,000 km by air

12,000 torch-bearers

1,000 communities across Canada, including

100+ First Nations Communities

Opening ceremonies tonight at B.C. Place where the Olympic Cauldron will be lit to signal the opening of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games!

Whoo HOOOOOO!! Go CANADA!!!!!!!!! I have my red Olympic mitts and I'm ready to cheer!

Check out the Olympic Torch relay in photos.

Trust me. These are stunning.

Here are the first 44 days in photos.

Here are the next 73 days.


A Novel Woman said...

Hockey is not so much a sport as a religion in our house.

As for curling not seen often on TV, you clearly are not a Canuck. Move to Canada and you'll get your fill of curling.

BB said...

I love Olympics of any kind - even the sort where I don't understand most of the sports! Ice hockey... yeah. Violent baby. Rugby on ice. I admit I kinda like to see the players (not just the padding). If one is going to ogle something, one needs the proper access to the relevent information. Just sayin...

Lottery Girl said...

I'm in a hotel room right now in New Mexico watching the Olympic opening ceremony. AWESOME!!!

Congrats to Canada, our dear, dear friends and the best of neighbors, on a fantastic show.

A Novel Woman said...

Yes, I'm just off to bed as it's past midnight...

Great opening ceremony (despite the tiny glitch at the end) but very sad news about the luge athlete. His poor parents.

BB, my son has played both rugby and hockey and I'll take hockey any day because at least he's got padding on to protect him!

Jayne said...

Next to Muderball (wheelchair rugby) Ice Hockey is my next fav Olympic sport.
To watch, NOT to participate!
Loved the opening ceremony :)

A Novel Woman said...

Did you see the doc on Murderball? Holy COW those guys are out for blood!