Thursday, March 17, 2011


I sing sort of like this.

Even if I don't know the words, which is always, I never let it stop me from singing.

Joyously, enthusiastically, out-of-tunely.

However, he has way better facial expressions.

And he's got better pitch.

Also, I can't play the ukulele as well as he does.

Otherwise, our singing styles are exactly the same.

Yes, I do own a ukulele. What, you didn't know? They're cool now.

In the right hands. Like this little guy's:

(Please excuse me. I really needed to get my mind off Japan for a moment. The disaster is so epic in scale that I don't know what to do with it all sometimes.)


Holy crap.


La vie est belle said...

Now that is passion. He is amazing. How old is he?

A Novel Woman said...

I have no idea, but he's little, no? Imagine him as a crazy teenager with a Big Boy guitar.

Debby said...

Yesterday, I was driving to a dentist appointment. I was stopped at a light and I happened to look behind me to see the driver with a wide open mouth, facial expression like a scream. There was a moment of panic on my part (I was rearended in a very bad accident about four years ago) as I assessed quickly if her car was moving, was she was about to hit me, what?

Then I realized she was singing. Not just singing but throwing her arm about dramatically, tossing her head, clenching her fist to her chest, etc. She was performing a concert in her car.

I laughed out loud because it was funny to watch. I mean, we drove down the road and she was still belting it out and doing all sorts of hand motions. It was funny, and it made me laugh. And then, strangely, as I parked my car, I found myself envying her, just a little, that she should be so unselfconscious.

A Novel Woman said...

You don't have to envy her. You can BE her. Just open wide and sing!

Btw, my husband sings like this all the time. I mean, literally ALL the time. He sings in the shower, he sings in the basement, in the car... I always know when he pulls up in the driveway because I can hear the music in his car, and him singing while I'm in the house, windows closed.

If he's not singing, he's whistling. He did get caught once, by another dentist friend, when he was singing enthusiastically in the car on the way home. She pulled up beside him mid-chorus, and Doug looked over to see her and her husband giving him the thumbs up, then killing themselves laughing. Didn't stop him.