Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to get a little Wilde

I can't take any more election talk.

I can't take any more hockey talk.

I can't take any more royal wedding talk.

Time to get a little Wilde, Jersey Shore style. This gave me fits of the giggles. The British actors are using actual lines from Jersey Shore episodes and delivering them Oscar Wilde style.

Usual warning about profanity ahead, easily offended, yada yada. (However if you've ever seen an episode of Jersey Shore, this ain't nothing.)


Unknown said...

These are exquisite, my dear.

Or is that excrutiating?
*lifts eyebrow*

Debby said...

I've never seen Jersey Shore. Is it actually that stupid? Really?

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, Debby, it's stupid on a whole new level. "Dumb as a bag of hammers" comes to mind. I never watched it, and then one of the kids put it on just to show me. I couldn't stop watching in the same way you look at a train wreck. It's not even junk food for the mind, it's more like Drano.