Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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Why Less Equals More.

We're in the process of going through our house - room by room, closet by closet, even drawer by drawer if it's a particularly challenging day - in order to reduce clutter.

After more than twenty-three years in this house, a move downtown is now a real possibility seeing as our little chicks have more or less flown from the nest. Our dream is to settle into a much smaller dwelling, probably a townhouse or apartment, so we can enjoy all those things the big city offers and give up the things we don't want like lawn care, snow shoveling and house repairs. Doug will be closer to his office, with luck within walking distance, and we will be able to visit museums and galleries and restaurants just outside the front door.

But first, the junk.

I have to wonder how one family could collect so much stuff? When I waver and rethink whether I should give something up, I watch this video to remind me why it's important to do so.

The point he made about camping is what struck home for me. Though I love being outdoors, the simplicity that comes with camping is what I truly loved about it. After careful planning, I brought the bare minimum we'd need to live happily for 2 weeks at a time - just the clothes we'd be wearing, the kitchen bits and bobs I'd cook with and the food we'd consume.

Minimalism, with loons and campfires.

No internet, cell phones, TV or other distractions. It's the most peaceful I've ever felt.

The more stuff I collect, the more frazzled and overwhelmed I feel, and I have a lot of stuff.

Time to purge, my friends.


Debby said...

Gotta say, we have weeded through a lot of stuff, a huge amount of which belongs to five kids. We have put them in the position of sorting throught their own things. The rest went to Goodwill.

Now that we live in a clutterfree home, I am careful, oh, so careful to discard anything that might find it's way to becoming clutter. Which is how I managed to throw away a check.

What have I learned? Wear glasses when sorting through clutter.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Handy hint- Take pictures of sentimental objects before giving them away or throwing them out. Like that T-shirt from that concert you went to when you were 20 years younger, 3 sizes smaller, and quite a bit more stoned. You know you won’t ever wear it again, but hold onto it because of the memories. Or the hospital bracelets worn by you and your babies when they were born and the little cards that were on their beds to identify then. Yes, you've kept them all these years so, if you do decide to get rid of them now, take a picture first! then chuck 'em.

A Novel Woman said...

Aw, Spankster, you have great ideas!