Thursday, May 3, 2012

Junk Mail Confusion

My junk mail has increased ten-fold lately so I figure it's time to update my security system. What confuses me is why the bots send me certain types of mail. Presumably it's based on where I've been browsing, but none of this makes sense. Well, maybe the replacement china but the rest? Everyone gets the Nigerian Prince Inheritance scheme letters, right? But why am I getting male enhancement pitches? If they're using spyware, I haven't been to any sites featuring man bits, big or small. Not that I can remember. Just today, I got these pitches for or from the following - American Association of Retired People (uh, Canadian!) cheap auto insurance, a photography course from Canon (I have a Nikon, thank you), health insurance (I live in CA-NA-DA), invitation for a culinary arts degree so I can "become a chef and make your dreams a reality!" (believe me, my dreams do not include more cooking), credit scores, used cars, life insurance, a job offer on an offshore Chinese rig (ah, yes, where dreams do come true), shop for engagement rings (too late, by 27 years), take Zoloft, sue the manufacturers for taking Zoloft, get replacement china (small c china), Viagra (always the Viagra), and my favourite today, an link to a site explaining the difference between harmful vs proper bowel cleansing. Oh, spam, why do you torment me so?


nightsmusic said...

I get the ones that tell my "I cry great bucket of tear for my..." blah, blah, blah. Along with the "I need you to move 5 gazillion dollars out of my country for me for the measly sum of 5K" and oh yes, all the male enhancement ones.

I'm also getting "You're tagged," "Someone is looking for you," and a variety of those.

No china though. I feel slighted!


Julie said...

Since you brought up the subject of health insurance, what is your experience of the quality of socialized health care in Canada? Do you have to wait in interminable lines? Do doctors treat you as just a cog in the machine?... as the more conservative elements of the US political scene would have us believe.