Thursday, March 21, 2013

Habitat and Surfers, Redux

Someone (can't remember who) recently asked me about surfing, and I said we had a spot in Montreal where one could surf on a standing wave. For real.

This is Micah, flaked out on his owner's lap. It has nothing to do with surfing. But he lives in Montreal, so that makes it kind of relevant. Also, I couldn't find any of my surfing shots and I needed something to fill in the white space.
I remembered a post I did on the subject, and I dug through the archives until I found it.

I wrote that post after we attended a dinner party at Habitat, a very cool place in Montreal. As we sipped our cocktails out on the deck, I noticed there were surfers on the St. Lawrence, right below us. They used a giant rubber band to "snap" themselves into the rapids from shore. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Check it out HERE.


Debby said...

Your city is full of unexpected surprises. I love that you show us around!

Does the Budster know that you are posting pictures of other dogs on your website?

A Novel Woman said...

The Bud loves other dogs. As long as he remains my number one.