Monday, June 17, 2013

World's Most Ridiculous Dog Part Deux


This goes on All The Time.

All day.

ALL night.

Every night.

And when he's not passed out and snoring so loud you'll swear his furry snout is going to vibrate and detach itself from his muzzle, he will sit and stare at me, trying to will his thoughts into my head, which are always the same three thoughts:

1. Feed me.

2. Take me outside to poop, but that of course depends on how long you wait to open the door.
Or if the ground is wet. Wet paws are the worst. So I don't do dew.

3. My bed still isn't soft enough so add a blanket or a pillow preferably one that smells like you or a stuffed animal why aren't you moving faster I thought I made myself pretty clear wha--SQUIRREL!

Try sleeping, or reading, or meditating, or watching a movie, or entertaining friends with him in the room.

He's not so much a dog, as he is some unique form of torture.


Debby said...

LOL x deux.

Unknown said...

I'm impressed such a big snore comes out of such a little nose! :)

Debby said...

Watched again, and know what? LOLed all over again. That dog slays me.

Debby said...

Pam? All you need is a baby to laugh at your snoring dog, and really, your life would be just one bright spot of hilariousness.

A Novel Woman said...

No babies. A snoring, needy dog is quite enough, thank you.