Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunset, after the storm

After the downpour and the cold winds that caught us off guard the other night, we were left with this view at sunset. 
This, I believe, is what they mean when they say every cloud has a silver lining. 
Or in this case, pink, red, purple, blue, gold and silver lining.


Julie K said...

So lovely!

Debby said...

The view after almost makes the storm worth it.

Anonymous said...

It is true that this is a great picture of the wonderfull colours that the sun can paint in the sky but prior to this tapestry this same wonderfull nature tore our boat away from the dock and beached it on the rocks where we had to rescue it at 10:30pm after multiple frantic calls from the lake. Pad Man

A Novel Woman said...

Dear Pad Man,

But wasn't the sunset worth it? No?

Love, Your Neighbour

Doug Jamieson said...

I'm a cloud watcher too. These are stunning. Thanks.

Edwina Sybert said...

That is an amazing sunset. We rarely get those nowadays – and after a storm, of all times. The rainbow must’ve mixed with the sunset or something. Even if it was sudden, at least the rains didn’t linger and cause damage to the neighborhood. More silver lining, I guess.