Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Shimmy, shimmy shake

I am sometimes asked, "Where can I read your stories?" Well, the latest can be found in Watershed Magazine. The topic is something men probably won't understand, but ladies...amirite, or amirite?

It begins thus:

'Tis the season means, 'tis the season to eat, drink and dress up in fancy clothes. Since my friends don't host come-as-you-are parties, i.e., sweatpants, this means I have to don an actual dress and teeter around in heels that make me look inebriated before my first drink.

This is when I always regret the summer of culinary excess - the BBQs, the hotdogs and fries at the food truck, the ice cream, oh, the ice cream. I have my go-to outfit, a basic black dress. My stylish 90-something grandmother, who always stood out in her brocade turban and ropes of pearls, once said if you want to look elegant, you wear a simple design made of quality fabric then add fabulous accessories. She also said don't leave the house without a girdle. Nowadays they call them body wrappers or shape tamers, but as Nana also said...

If you want to read more, just follow the link to Watershed Magazine.

Be warned.

You will see me in my underpants, or at least the imaginary me courtesy of the talented and funny Trish York, who illustrates all my stories.


Unknown said...

Love it! And yes, I've definitely had that moment of panic in a dressing room wherein I entered 'She-Hulk' mode to flail and claw and tug in a desperate bid for self-preservation. :)

Debby said...


nightsmusic said...

Was she staring through my bedroom window last weekend as I dressed for the DH's annual Christmas party?


Unfortunately for me, nothing short of surgery, I don't think, will ever make me smooth and svelte...