Friday, April 15, 2016

Dive trip to Grenada February 2016

This is how we celebrated my 60th! A lionfish hunt and bbq on the beach, a shark dive in rough water that went awry (but I saw a big shark) then some wreck diving at 125' and lots of relaxing zen type dives just meandering through coral gardens and checking out the wildlife.
Sculpture Garden Grenada

Porcupine fish

Banded butterflyfish?
baby sea turtle


black spotted moray eel

Blue chromis?

octopus playing hide and seek

sleeping nurse shark

old turtle below Doug

Garry recovering after herding the turtle

spotted trunkfish

Lionfish- the hand signal for these is a firing gun, because it's an invasive species

scrawled filefish?

Conch - delicious raw or in fritters

blue striped grunts?

Spotted drum

French Angelfish
Garry at the Bianca C.
Sandals La Source Grenada

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kc dyer said...

There has been many a time I've considered myself a blue-striped grunt.