Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bad, yet not bad enough

I'm ashamed I haven't updated my blog since May. Not really. I just knew I was supposed to say that. I've actually been living the good life at the cottage all summer, getting a bit of work done, both the written word and the hands dirty kind in the garden.

Got word that another entry of mine made the Bulwer-Lytton fiction contest list again. This makes three times in the last four years which means I'm either getting better or worse. I was a dishonorable mention again, or as my friend Karen put it, "Always bad but never quite bad enough!"

My entry this year:

"She clung to the memory of their love like those tiny bits of used tissues he always left in his pockets, which mostly ended up in the dryer lint basket although enough of them welded themselves to her favorite navy blue, polar fleece pullover rendering it as permanently flawed and unappealing as his name tattooed on her butt."

To read the winning entry and the rest of the putrid prose, visit:


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