Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeling deep today I dipped into my inspiration file and found this:

If you want to find joy in your life, you begin by changing how you think.

Your feelings turn into your thoughts,
Your thoughts turn into your words,
Your words turn into your beliefs,
Your beliefs turn into your behavior,
And your behavior turns into action
which produces a result or reality.


And if that doesn't work for you, try chocolate.


Yutha said...

You're, like, deep....

Betty Lindholm Navta said...

Great quote! Elsewhere, I was reading a discussion of beliefs that went round in circles. This helps clarify. Thanks!

Do you mind if I link my blog to yours?

A Novel Woman said...


Open sarcasm has no place here.

According to Thomas Carlyle, sarcasm is the "language of the devil" so perhaps you should spend more time contemplating how your comments can affect other people.

See? Hidden sarcasm is the way to go.

I think the only way to make up for it is to give me your new bling. Note: this is not sarcasm.

A Novel Woman said...



And feel free to link away.

Yutha said...

You're not the boss of me and more sucking up is required if you want my bling....

A Novel Woman said...

Am so the boss of you.


Plus one.

And have I told you how young you look lately? Or that might be the new bling reflecting the sun in my eyes, temporarily blinding me.