Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snow Day

The Budster is confused.

On the one paw, he likes to go outside.

On the other paw, there's this whole three feet of snow issue.

What's a mutt to do?


Rose said...

Awwww. I love that face. Tell me again what breed Buddy is...

A Novel Woman said...

Hi Rosie!

Buddy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Blenheim colour. He's big for his breed, weighing in at 24 pounds, but he's fit and very fast. The average size is between 10 and 18 pounds.

Unknown said...

Hi Pam,
Ah, he's sweet. The other looks like somewhere along Georgian Bay? Also, I was an A&W carhop too. It was mumble mumble years ago, north of TO.

A Novel Woman said...

Hi Lor,

Nope, that photo was taken in Montreal.

And when I was a car hop, I lived in Aurora. Sadly, the A & W is gone now...

Unknown said...

Tee Hee,
I was in Newmarket ... 70 or 71. I can't imagine bringing back the age of car hops. Too dangerous. It was certainly a fun job then, when all you had to worry about was spilling a shake into the lap of unsuspecting drivers. Oh the stories, I'm sure we both have.


A Novel Woman said...

Hey Lor,

That's the same time I was there!

Do you know the Crosslands? They had the big farm on Yonge St. I think their old house is still there, amidst all the new developments.

We used to get all the Argonauts who trained at S.A.C. every summer showing up at our A & W..

Unknown said...

Hi Pam,
Yes, I do remember Crosslands. God, that whole strip on Yonge St. from Aurora almost to Holland Landing has changed hasn't it. My family is still in Nwkt and I actually get lost now. Our lovely little towns have disappeared.
I was quite young and a bit shy. I was never comfortable serving a carload of guys. If I had to serve Argo's I think I would have fainted dead away or slipped out the back door. tee hee Were the Argos a rowdy group? Were they gentlemen or arrogantly self important? There was a stigma attached car hops, thanks to the movies. Guys seemed to think we were easy. They learned very quickly, I wasn't having any of it and in fact, none of us were. It was fun though, for the most part. Always a meeting spot. Lor

A Novel Woman said...

Lor, I still have family and friends in Aurora and Nmkt and Holland Landing and Bradford...

The Argos were Quite Friendly, if you follow my drift. Every fall, there were always a couple of girls who ended up pregnant. Joe Theismann used to visit frequently, pulling up in his big luxury car with the number 7 vanity plate. He was well-behaved.