Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unclaimed moola

The Bank of Canada might have some of your money. Seems lots of people move and just forget they have a few dollars here and there at their old bank. That money is just sitting there in the Bank of Canada, twiddling its green thumbs, waiting for you to go HERE and type in your name to claim it.

Good luck.

Oh, and if you find any, I want half.


kc dyer said...

Damn. Nada.


Anonymous said...

Me neither. Too bad. Would've been nice to find a few millions I didn't know I had.

Anonymous said...

Rats, and I had 3 chances ;)


klasieprof said...

We did this here in the States, and Hub had an old Bank account, and got over $300 bucks last year. We thought it was a scam but ..shure nuff...check came!!

A Novel Woman said...

Yay for klasieprof!

I didn't get anything, but found an account for my sister-in-law. A whole $4.00!