Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah, Danny Bhoy

Last night, Doug and I were invited to the all-star Gala evening at the Just for Laughs festival and what a blast. My face ached and my makeup (so carefully applied) was all over my face, I laughed so hard.

The lineup was a humour dream team - Danny Bhoy, Paula Poundstone, Ron James, Larry Miller, Jeremy Hotz, Ron White, George Wallace.... Danny Bhoy alone was worth the price of admission, and not just because he had some kind of sparkly button things on his fly that made us wonder if he'd left it open on purpose. (He hadn't. We checked.) His take on a gecko in an Australian motel room had us on the floor.

Danny, calling the manager: "Ah, there's a dinosaur on the wall."

Aussie manager: "No worries, mate, that's a gecko." And he hangs up.

Danny, calling back: "Um, that wasn't a trivia question."

Karen, he really IS that handsome in person. And he just floats and hops around the stage, casual and giggly, like he's just dropped by to say hello. (le sigh) Ron White made my husband uncomfortable, but I thought he was a riot. He mocked his wife's Cosmo magazine, looking at the title "Men's 40 Pleasure Zones!" He said, "Ladies, we only have one 'pleasure zone'. Just touch it 40 times."

Then we enjoyed a fantastic dinner under a tent (these little Mojito freezie thingies in a shot glass to cleanse the palette were seriously good, and I would have happily cleansed my palette for hours) and I won stereo speakers as a door prize (with Kathy's help).

What a night...thank you Kathy and Dave!


laughingwolf said...

some canucks do humor right, glad these did :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great night, Pam. Danny Bhoy is such a cutie.

BB said...

Hey Pam - I need you and your learned friends to help me out on my recent language post... here!

Keen to see this Danny Bhoy (live) sometime... let me know if he's coming down under sometime!


PS Has Canuck got one or two 'n's??

Anonymous said...

Pam, This is not a comment directly related to this post. I just want to say I LOVE your writing, your sense of the absurd, and your ability to find humour in just about any situation. You are a gem! I just wish you would POST MORE OFTEN! Your squirrel posts, Buddy posts, and crazy neighbor posts are among my favourites! I know many of your works are published, so you can't reprint them on your blog, but is there any way an American can find your articles and enjoy them?

A Novel Woman said...

Bush Babe, Danny Bhoy lives in Australia, but I believe he's moving back to his home town of Edinburgh. He just completed a tour of Western Australia in March, so you missed him. Go to his blog, via his website, to read more.

A Novel Woman said...

Jo, my dahling, I can reprint any of my stories because the rights revert back to me. I just haven't because I'm lazy/indifferent/busy/stupid....

I'm happy to take requests. I just figured everyone had had enough of the squirrel saga, flood sagas, and ongoing crazy neighbour sagas.

Of course, now we can add skunks to the mix. I left the front door open last night so I could see to put out the garbage. (The porch light has now been broken for over a year. The bulb broke at the base, and I tried the 'jam a raw potato in it and twist' approach but I can attest that doesn't work, and now I have a hunk of raw potato where a porch light should be.)

Anyhow, I turned around just as our resident skunk attempted to walk in the front door. He was met, eyeball to eyeball, by Buddy, who loves nothing more than chasing cats off the lawn. He sprung into action and chased the intruder through our shrubs. Doug got into the fray, and managed to call Buddy back as the skunk waddled down the driveway towards clueless me who was whistling her way back up the driveway, wondering what all the fuss in the house was about. Luckily it turned around and high-tailed it out of there, all without unleashing its inner Pepe Le Pew.

Anonymous said...

Well, Pam, since you so nicely volunteered... I'd love a crazy neighbor update. We've had our share of psycho neighbors in the past, but right now our they are perfect, and that's kind of dull! Could you post about the goings-on in your neighborhood at the cabin? Pretty-please?

A Novel Woman said...

Jo dahling, is this THE Jo, "my" Jo, famous authoress, Jo B., writer extraordinaire and pet of the Smart Beeotches?

Or is this another, equally interesting and captivating Jo?

Neighbour stories will follow when all questions are answered.

Anonymous said...

Pam, I am not the famous authoress, the other Jo, and I do know of whom you speak because I lurk like a fiend at the Compuserve forum and have for years. Never posted over there. Never had the nerve! But I've enjoyed your blog so much, that I just had to come out of the closet, so to speak. So that's how I know about the infamous neighbors, Buddy and the squirrels, your horrid flood,etc. that you somehow manage to turn into wetting-my-pants humour! Do I have to do a "big" for some of your stories?

A Novel Woman said...

No bigging necessary, Jo! I'm happy to oblige. Right now though I'm heading back up to the lake, where the fish are a jumpin', the birds are a singin' and the internet access is a spotty, so you might have to wait a bit. Also Eldest is heading off to Paris tomorrow to visit with friends, and she keeps handing me articles of clothing that needs mending. I feel that if you're old enough to go galivanting around France, you're old enough to mend your own pants. (sigh)

I can't believe you've lurked for years. Come on. Jump in already. We don't bite.(g)

Anonymous said...

Pam, I'll try to wait, but it will be hard! Have a great time at your cabin. This time, sans skunk! I hope your eldest has a wonderful time in Paris. I love that city!