Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Random Pet Photos

I've spent the last few weeks at the cottage renovating my buns off, so before I post some photos of the semi-finished chalet, I thought I'd put up a few of the Budster and friends.

Sometimes Buddy, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a dog of kings, looks quite regal:

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Other times, he looks like a bug-eyed alien:

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But this is how I usually find him:

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Here's Kicia, caught in the act.

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And then there's The Boris, who defies description and convention:

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And the "best behaved subject" award goes to Belle, my friend and neighbour's dog:

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Lottery Girl said...

Buddy looks like he needs a brew in the lawn chair photo--what a stud!

And Belle lives up to her name. Fun photos!

Lynne Sears Williams said...

They are all great! Surprised you haven't loaded 'Where in the H-ll is Matt' from You Tube. Makes the world seem smaller and precious. 42 countries, 14 months, a cast from...everywhere!

laughingwolf said...

cool stuff, pam... now posted those renovated buns :O lol

laughingwolf said...

grrrrrr 'post' is what i meant :(

Trudy said...

Great pictures again!

I love Belle. I bet she doesn't bark or do anything bad, ever :)

A Novel Woman said...

Belle was so hyper I had to balance a dog cookie on my head to get her to stand still long enough for me to snap her photo!

And Lynne, I've watched Matt's videos for years and LOVE the boy. I just figured everyone had seen him by now.

Reno photos are a comin'.

Donna said...

Hello from Texas! Just dropped in from....Somewhere!!LOL...Great pictures!! Have a wonderful day!

Deniz Bevan said...

Hi Pam! I love your photos, both flora and fauna. But being a cat person I'm especially partial to Boris :-) How old is he?
Are you guys getting have as much rain up in the country as we are in town? Where did the summer go? *cries*

A Novel Woman said...

Deniz, Boris, like all our of cats, was a stray. We're guessing he's around ten years old, but he could be older. He was severely malnourished when we got him, with eye infections, etc. As you can see, he cleans up real nice.(g)

This summer is BRUTAL weather wise. Yes, we had a ton of rain up north too, and I've only had a couple days here and there at the cottage. It's been a busy year with office moves and kids moving out/going to France/working etc. Not exactly relaxing....

I was out in a thunder storm on Wednesday because we have three large white pines that died and have to be removed before they fall and hit the cottage. I thought I was either going to drown in the rain or get zapped by lightening myself (one of the trees actually died because it had been hit by lightening before). So I've had enough of the rain now.