Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes....

It's been doing this today: HERE

What's it like where you are?


NBB said...

Germany: getting colder and colder, and rainy (which is really a bad mix). Forecast says snow on Friday...

And this link makes me go all cross-eyed :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Pam! Say it isn't so! I live outside of Boston, and it hasn't snowed yet, but it is cold IMHO. I've decided I live much too far north of the equator.

Lindsay York Levack said...

Neat link!

We had snow on the weekend. Now it is sunny but cold.

Anonymous said...

We had flurries in Washington, DC today - I was thrilled!

BB said...

Australia: hot, damned hot, hot and sweaty... which is great if you're with a woman... (OK that's enough Robin Williams there! You get the gist).

About to post some swimming pics!!! Snow seems, well, out of THIS world!


BB said...

NOW the word verification is "warmishn" - messin' with mah mind!!!

kc dyer said...

WHERE do you find these things?
Seventh Generation rocks!