Monday, January 19, 2009

In the interest of fair play - Dog Haiku

My good friend Kathy McG. (who gave me the book of cat haiku) sent along some nice Dog-ku to balance things out a bit. Now she didn't pass on the name of the dog haiku book, but I'm going out on a limb here, and I'm going to guess it's called DOG-KU (since there are several by that name, so it's a safe bet.) Kathy McG.! Have you figured out how to get in the comments section yet?

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And if Buddy were to write dog haiku, you know this is what he'd say.

I snore and pass wind
In the corner of your room
And yet you love me....

This treat connoisseur
Has not yet met a thong he
Could not digest whole.

Why sprawl on the floor
When the sofa beckons with
Plump, soft, new cushions?


Julie K said...

My dog was too happy, too perky and too dumb to do her breeds (Akita and Blue Heeler) proud, but I will try - enjoy!

Here you are- what has
taken you so long with my
dinner? Slurp - yummy!

I spin in circles
excited to be alive
but why so dizzy?

Why can't I ever
enter the house? Allergies
are a human myth.

I don't know who you
are, but come, sit down, pet me.
You can have the T.V.

A Novel Woman said...

YAY! Well done Julie!

I especially like the third one. Allergies are a human myth. Hahaha!

Julie K said...

But I just noticed the last one has one syllable too many - doh!

Anonymous said...

Julie, how about "The TV is yours!"

Julie K said...


Nice one - here's my repost :)

I don't know who you
are, but come, sit down, pet me.
The T.V. is yours!