Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to cottage biznet

I'm slumming at a friend's cottage at the moment (she has internet connection so her kitchen is like an internet cafe as all the internet-deprived neighbours wander in with their laptops like zombies) so while I'm able to post another blog entry, I won't be able to comment until I get home again. Enjoy some of my new friends!


nightsmusic said...

WOW! Pam, you are getting some awesome photos.

What is the yellow bird? It looks like an Oriole, but I've not seen one like that.

SpankyPants182 said...

Please thank the neighbour who keeps you connected to us and us connected to you. I'd buy her a cup of coffee in thanks.

Miss you. McApe called out to me as I arrived at Kelly's tonight, "Hey Babe!!" and it didn't even sound too sleazy and awful. Miss us back?

A Novel Woman said...

The yellow bird is an evening grosbeak. It hasn't been back since I took these photos. Gorgeous bird.

I will thank her, Spanks! Miss you too. I think you need me for moral support at Kelly's, no?

glovin said...

The yellow bird is Gorgeous bird. It looks like an Oriole, but I've not seen one like that.

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