Friday, August 21, 2009

Flying Jewels and other beasts

I love hummingbirds and at the lake, they are everywhere. They are fearless little birds constantly buzzing around like little Spitfire pilots, fighting each other for food and territory (hm, sounds like my house.) Capturing them on film requires patience and perseverance, which is not my forte, but I did manage a few.

When they are mature, the males have ruby throats and luminous, iridescent green backs, like little flying jewels. Check out the teenage male (third photo down) his throat not fully red, just two dots.

Of course we have other birds at the lake like these:
But just in case you think everything is fine in paradise, this thing showed up to spoil the party.

Truly, I am cursed....


nightsmusic said...

Pam, you are destined to be a squirrel magnet! ;-) Maybe you should have one as a pet?

*ducks and runs*

Seriously, I have a hummer feeder and get three or four different kinds of hummers, but I also have a colony of yellow jackets that have nested in the ground underneath the feeder and we CAN'T get rid of them! We've sprayed, burned, even filled the little hole with quickcrete. All they manage to do is dig out in another area and then they're driving the hummers away again.


BB said...

Wow - those shots are great - I have heard how hard those suckers are to photograph!!!

And we don't have squirrels, so I STILL think they are kinda cute!

A Novel Woman said...

There must be a way to deter yellow jackets...don't know, though.

Thanks BB.I'm on the fly, back to the lake, but I will say Squirrels Are Not Cute. Not now, not ever. Long story, but trust me on this one.

glovin said...

I love hummingbirds I have a hummer feeder and get three or four different kinds of hummers

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