Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random Kindness Article Link

For those of you who kindly asked me to post the link to the Montreal Gazette article about Sarah's postcard adventure, you can find it HERE. (Although it's almost exactly as I posted it on this blog, with the exception that asked to use my daughter's real name. Then they got it wrong.)

I'm about to launch a massive clean-up effort in the house, do some last minute shopping, finish (okay, start and finish) the Christmas baking, whip up a lasagna for my boy who is bringing his girlfriend over for dinner tomorrow (before she flies back to Russia to spend Christmas with her family) so time's a wastin'.

Blog posts in the next couple of weeks will most likely be sporadic depending on number of guests in residence both at home and at our country cottage, alcoholic beverages consumed and late night board games played.

Stay tuned....

(Oh, wait, I just found this. Harry Potter fans, this is awesome.)

thanks, Fugly girls


nightsmusic said...

Still just an awesome thing to have happen. Random acts live on.

Have a great holiday season, Pam. Enjoy your family. Good heath and prosperity to you all.


A Novel Woman said...

I know, Jeanie, I loved it!

Thank you Theo!

Deniz Bevan said...

There I was reading the paper, when suddenly from out of nowhere out jumped my cat and started crinkling and biting the sheets... Great story though - hope Karl sees your good wishes!

A Novel Woman said...

Me too, Deniz!

Lottery Girl said...

So awesome to read this again via the link! Congrats to you!

And congrats to Karl for doing a wonderful thing!