Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Those Olympic Victory Bouquets

You know those beautiful, vivid green bouquets handed out to the winners? The 1800 bouquets from the games came from a Surrey B.C. flower shop and were assembled by marginalized women who are recovering addicts, former victims of violence or sex trade workers. It's part of a program called Just Beginnings, and more than 2 dozen women a day worked on producing the 150 bouquets needed for the Olympics.

The flowers are all organically grown, locally sourced as much as possible, and wrapped with environmentally friendly materials.

No pussy willows (you could take an eye out if tossed in the crowds) or cedar branches (allergies) but green hypericum berries and spider mums backed with leatherleaf fern, aspidistra leaves and loops of monkey grass. Aren't they gorgeous? I wondered about them during the Olympics and now, thanks to KNITTING ON IMPULSE, I know the story.

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Does anyone else besides me have Post Olympic Letdown?



Marilyn said...

Yes, I do.
I miss the fun and the sportsmanship, um, except in one instance! I really enjoyed the games this time. My husband kept asking about the flowers, he didn't like them. I will tell him what you said and he'll get the message! Canada did a fantastic job and I am so happy for you!

A Novel Woman said...

Like your husband, I didn't know about the bouquets either, and I wish I'd known during the games.

Pretty cool story.

Anonymous said...

Great info about the Bouquets, thanks.
Yes, I am having Olympic withdrawals.
I hope Apollo becomes an actor so we can see his cute face.
Great job Canada on a wonderful 2010 Olympics- even the last game, we were happy for you in Washington.
Jacki, Whidbey Island

Kathy said...

Definite Olympic withdrawals here. I like the flowers much better in the close up shots on your link than I did when I saw them given out. And it's a neat story, too.

BB said...

Well I have to admit, I only saw highlights down here (being in Opposite Land and all). It looked great and we were quite excited that Canada won the ice hocky (should I duck if our American friends read this?).

Still reeling in astonishment that not only did Aussies actually make finals in anything winter sport related, but they actually took out two GOLD medals... freaky.

Love the flowers story - they are really MY kinds of posy - not too over-the-top or sneezy!!