Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming Home

Pioneer Woman asked for Coming Home shots, and I have this one of my dad's older brother returning from WWII, flanked by his bride and his mother (my grandmother sporting a rather spiffy hat.)

My Uncle Stuart was in the RAF. He flew as a navigator with the elite group of Pathfinders No. 7 Squadron, who lit the way for the bombers with flares. The mortality rate was very high, so the fact that he survived 43 operations was nothing short of miraculous.

He was 22 when he enlisted, the same age as my son, and he was 25 when he flew his first mission in 1944.

This is the day he came home after the war. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

"Flight Lieutenant Patchet has always displayed exceptional skill and coolness without consideration for personal safety, whereby he has set himself a high standard of efficiency. His unconquerable sense of duty, courage, endurance and initiative have set a magnificent example to the squadron and are worthy of the highest praise."


Debby said...

That's neat that you have photos of your family's history, and that you know the stories that go with them.

A Novel Woman said...

We don't actually have a lot of photos or stories for that matter, seeing as my uncle never talked about his experiences. We only found out after he died. My niece did a project on WWII at school this year, and that's how this photo came to light.

After I blogged about my great-Uncle George, whose letters and diary entries are in the Canadian War Museum, a woman contacted me via Facebook saying a relative of hers in England had been part of my uncle's crew and wanted to get in touch with the old gang. Unfortunately I had to tell her my uncle passed away, but it was amazing to find out that in a country the size of Canada, this woman lives a few minutes drive away from me!

BB said...

Great shot... and a wonderful piece of history. Aren't photos (whether technically brilliant or no) just the BEST!?

kc dyer said...

Wow. this brought tears to my eyes.