Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Canadians skewered on SNL

On the one hand, it's a form of flattery to be satirized, eh.

On the other, we do not sound like this.

Not anywhere close. It's like Minnesota mixed with Irish mixed with drunk, eh.

On the other hand, Winnipeg gets a shout out.

Sorry about the poor quality, eh. It's the best one I could find.


Debby said...

What comes across is 'nice'. I don't think nice is a bad thing to be. I'm kind of fond of nice.

A Novel Woman said...

Okay, you're right, sorry, sorry.

See? We can't help ourselves. Actually, when someone bumps into me, I always say sorry first.

Still, I needed something to take me away from the horrors in Japan, if only for a moment. I want to bring a family home to board with me...it's instinctive.

Debby said...

See? Nice... You can't help yourself. You exude niceness.

The news from Japan just gets worse and worse.

Did you see Cara's blog? She's met a Canadian. He stabbed himself 30 times with his pencil because he got mad at her.

ANW? Things like this worry me.

A Novel Woman said...

Oy, I just read it and left a comment. Everyone gave her good advice. This guy is dangerous and needs to be handled by someone with authority. In the meantime, she should stay clear. Just what her mama needs right now, eh?

A Novel Woman said...

Sorry. I said eh, and I wasn't even trying to be ironic...

Debby said...


Yutha said...

Oy, I know it's kinda funny but it drives me nuts when they make us sound like we're right out of "Fargo". They did the same thing on "How I Met Your Mother". They ALMOST have it right and then go a little bit too far with it. But, sadly, we get excited when we're mentioned, don't we? Sorry.

A Novel Woman said...

I know. We're like the mutt who gets kicked in the behind and then wags his tale because someone paid attention to him.

I think the Australian accent is equally challenging, although Youngest can pretty much nail it.

jeanie said...

See, we always think the Aussie accent is butchered by others when it is the most natural thing in the world to us.

Except - except, my parents while travelling and not hearing any Aussies but each other for a week heard Strine* on a talk show and we actually do sound like that.

Makes you think, hey**?

* Strine is a local dialect word - meaning "Australian"

** Up here in Queensland, we say hey on the end of sentences all the time.

A Novel Woman said...

Australia (and New Zealand) is pretty much at the top of my list of places I most want to visit. I'll have to bring Youngest along and you can tell me if she got the accent right!

Also Japan, but I think I'll have to wait a bit. I can't follow too much of the news these days without having almost a panic attack because I feel so overwhelmed at the suffering.