Friday, June 3, 2011

Damn it, I'm a doctor not Captain Kirk

My little boy graduated from McGill yesterday with a degree in finance.

Somebody please explain to me how he grew up so fast, from this little guy who slept with a blankie and a firefighter's axe (plastic, but nonetheless powerful in our little hero's hands and capable, in his mind, of chopping us out of the house in case of fire during the night) to the man who now stands before me?

(For the story behind his blanket, go here.)

Mothers, listen up. You know how women of grown children always say "pay attention, because those children are grown before you even know it happened"? Well, it happened. And I'm shocked at how it's all over but for the dirty socks under the couch.

Congratulations, boy of mine. We are so proud of you. Go forth and discover the world, but don't forget to come home sometimes. I'll make waffles.

The commencement speech in the morning was delivered by none other than William Shatner.

Chris, however, had his ceremony in the afternoon. But here is Dr. Shatner's speech, for those of you who are fans. (And really, who isn't a fan of The Shat?) According to some accounts, the president of McGill flinched a few times as Bill remembered some good times. Hallmark of a good speech, I'd say.


And if you really want a treat, check out his rendition of Oh Canada. Then check out behind the scenes. I wept.


Linda G. said...

Aw, congrats. That is one fine looking young man you provided the world with. Smart too, obviously. :)

nightsmusic said...

Congrats, Pam! It's always a huge accomplishment for the whole family to graduate a college student. And what a handsome guy!

Rachel Chesnutt Blasdell said...

Congratulations. I know just how you feel. My middle child graduated from the University of Texas two weeks ago and I've got just two years left until the youngest gets her college degree. It's frightening how fast the time goes. One minute you're tucking them in, the next minute they're threatening you with a life sentence in a nursing home if you don't behave.

Seriously, major kudos on this milestone. And he is a handsome lad who looks like one of the world's nice guys. I'm sure he'd never threaten you with assisted living. ;)

Deniz Bevan said...


A Novel Woman said...

Thanks Lindyloo!

NM, it was a family affair, for sure, but the dean made sure the students applauded and thanked their families. I liked that part.

Rachel, my youngest daughter has two more years to go as well, so we'll be dancing in the streets at the same time methinks. And I'm the one who tells them I'm keeping a list so they can't put me in The Home. Ah heck, who am I kidding? I'll probably beg to go just for the peace and quiet. My house is always full of people.

And you're right. He IS one of those nice boys who treats women and children kindly.

Thanks, Deniz! I'll be emailing to find out how to use my new Cezve!

blankenship.louise said...

Congrats! He looks like starship captain material to me... :)

Deniz Bevan said...

Ooh, coffee time, yum :-)

Zan Marie said...

What a gorgeous boy--small and large version. ; )

And Shatner is hilarious. Thanks for the post.