Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some nice flower photos from the lake

Kathy Down The Road complained about lack of new content here on la blog.

She said she had enough of the squirrel crafts.

I said I have absolutely nothing to report unless you want to hear about how I washed sheets today and cleaned behind the microwave (there were vitamins with an expiry date of 2002 hidden back there) therefore the blog is "resting" like a field left to fallow, in order to restore its fertility.

She is having a hormone-challenged day and practically demanded entertainment.

So I went outside, even though it has been raining all day, and took some flower shots just for her because she loves gardening. I can fake that I have an actual garden here at the cottage with some close-up shots of the random flowers that pop up here and there in the borders of the gravel driveway that constitutes a garden, and no one will know the difference.

There are orange blossoms, honeysuckle in orange and red, daisies, wild roses, geraniums, evening primrose, some purple thingies, a red thingie...a veritable cornucopia of floral awesomeness and artfully glistening with droplets of water.

Unfortunately, when I went to upload them (and dry myself off and put salve on my mosquito bites) I realized that I'd left the cord I need at home.

The End.


Debby said...


With all those flowers, you need to make a squirrel vase. And then send it to your friend Kathy-down-the-road. To cheer her hormones up.

BB said...

Heh - this post made me laugh. OF COURSE you don't need anything earth-shattering to do a blog post - I do it all the time!!!

Am sure your friend was delighted with this offering...

A Novel Woman said...

Forget earth-shattering, there is nothing to report. Doing laundry, cleaning cupboards, feeding the birds, filling the hummingbird feeder, planting beans, walking the Budster, cleaning the dead mice out of the basement, fluffing the duvet (none of these are euphemisms btw) etc. Who wants to hear about this?

hapi said...
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Anonymous said...

Well...the show about nothing worked for Seinfeld :)