Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rolling in the Deep...Dust

I love this instrument, the traditional, nay ancient Chinese instrument called the Guzheng, or Chinese zither.

I find it calming. I need calm these days.

Big changes happening at home and big changes freak me out. I still haven't quite wrapped my brain around the fact that after 24 years in this house, after raising three kids and countless pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, after Christmas dinners and Easter egg hunts and too many memories to count, my husband and I have decided to move downtown. He'd like to be closer to the office, and I miss the hubbub of downtown life.

(Does anyone use the word 'hubbub' anymore? What about hullabaloo? Or brouhaha? I digress. Again. Because I'll do ANYTHING to avoid going back into the garage to clean shelves that haven't been touched in 24 years...hence the random Chinese zither post.)

Trying to purge/store/pack up 24 years worth of one family's stuff and fit it into a 3 bedroom flat is like me trying to squeeze into a size 2 bodysuit. Which is one of the things I unearthed from a locker in the basement. White, cotton, Naf Naf jumpsuit circa early '80s that I vaguely remember wearing to a Boy George concert. That sucker is only good for rags now. The jumpsuit, not Boy George although...

I'm not sure why I like this, because logic dictates I shouldn't, but I really do.

Back to the mines...

* Update: a mere hours after putting up this post, I heard a CBC radio announcer use the word "hullabaloo" in regards to a new tax on pasties in the U.K.


Lesa said...

I've been in the same location since 1980 and I can't imagine moving all this, ah, stuff. I applaud your courage and will thrill at your adventure vicariously.

Debby said...

I do use the word hubbub. And hullaballoo. On a fairly regular basis.

Brouhaha...not so often but the word does pass my lips.

Debby said...

Boy George???!!!!!

Beth said...

Look on the bright side. No more squirrels in the attic!

BB said...

Wow... BIG STUFF. When? Soon? Already?