Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unputdownable, but not like a colicky baby

Confession: Vicki is a friend of mine, so you could say I am biased. However, if I didn't think this was a fantastic book and well worth the recommendation, I'd just say "oh, the cover on this book is nice, isn't it?" But I read it when it was still just an infant, a mere twinkle in its mother's eyes, and I can tell you it is a great story. If you don't believe me, I have a friend (Hi Claire!) who started reading the first few chapters for free and was instantly hooked, as she breathlessly related to me at a party recently. So if you have an e-reader (and why wouldn't you, they're the best invention since sticky-notes or chocolate croissants) go and grab one while the price is right. Vicki is smart and funny and her voice shines through in this book.

The Taken
Here's the big news:

THE TAKEN – out just one month – has been temporarily reduced to $2.99 in e-format. You can get it at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, but that price will pass with the end of July, so don’t wait — and, please, tell your friends. They can read the book and buy themselves an additional frappa-something to enjoy with it.

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Linda G. said...

Oh, man, I love THE TAKEN! Vic has outdone herself with the whole rockabilly noir concept. Can't wait for the next one.