Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Another Walkabout in Downtown Montreal

This is the view from the fort I wrote about a few months ago. You are looking straight down, well, Fort Street towards the St. Lawrence River.
Spot the Bud.

Canadian Centre for Architecture. Eldest's boyfriend is an architect. I bought him a book in the gift shop for a Christmas present. They took away my shopping cart right after entering the building, and the girl with short black bangs and an even shorter tight black skirt watched me closely, following me up the stairs and into the chi chi foo foo shop. I realized that with my cart, coupled with my usual flair for fashion - toque, yoga pants, baggy coat and sneakers - I did, in fact, look like a bag lady up to no good. When I sang the Swedish Chef song in an attempt to remember the name of the author (Herzberg - tell me you can't hear the Swedish Chef in your head?) I sealed my fate as the most terminally unhip person ever to darken their doors. Why couldn't he have asked for a new drill or a bottle of Scotch? I would have felt at home in those stores.

Big scary front door where haughty girls with short bangs cull the herd and ambush the weak.
The other side of the Centre for Architecture. I assume it's supposed to reflect Montreal with its modern buildings cosying up to ancient ones. Pretty cool mansion. I'd live there.

I would take my afternoon tea here, brought to me by my manservant Bartholomew. He had a tough upbringing, but he has the heart of a lion and the manners of a Victorian lady. Do not call him Bart as he will take offense.
This is my bedroom. My ladies maid would turn down my sheets every night. (I may have been watching too much Downton Abbey.) Also she would brush my hair and serve me a single malt from a silver tray. My dream, my rules.
This sits opposite the Centre. I think it's symbolic. Or ironic.

This Chair is Not for Sitting. It is ART.
Spot the Doug and the Bud.

This is the view from the photo above looking towards the remains of the fort.
I just liked this house. Typical of Montreal architecture.

To answer a couple of questions in the comments:

Picture #8 is the Esplanade Ernest-Cormier, or sculpture garden, not actual ruins. It's meant to mimic the centre across the street. 

Ernest Cormier designed a number of high profile buildings in Montreal, including Cormier House, which became Pierre Trudeau's home on Pine Avenue. I think his son still lives there. It's not that far from where I live and I have walked past it many times with the Budster. Not too long ago, I watched them cut down the only tree out front. Not sure which of us was more sad, me or Buddy. 

The mansion attached to the CCA is Shaughnessy House mansion. Read about that here:


Debby said...

What is picture 8? Is that an actual building foundation/ruins or is that a clever sculpture, a place for people to walk in and sit down and admire the grand world around them? Just curious.

I enjoy walking with you and your imagination. And Buddy too.

Debby said...

Oh, and next time you go to a place where you know there are chi chi foo foos about, you should take someone of my caliber with you. They'll glom on to me, and you'll be free to get your shopping done.

A Novel Woman said...

I happen to know for a fact that's not true. I was startled one afternoon (while out walking Buddy) when I glanced over and saw a homeless woman dressed in the IDENTICAL outfit I was wearing one day. Identical. Except for the large Molson and cigarette in her hand. What can I say? I believe in comfort first and foremost.

Unknown said...

Love that last house!

Debby said...

For a moment, I thought you had the large Molson and the cigarette. Thanks for the explanation. I love that sculpture. It's like a mansion open to the world. Neat. You could take close up pictures of people on the steps or looking out the 'window'. Some mansions are not for everyone. Some are. I think that so darn neat.

A Novel Woman said...

Lara, these are a dime a dozen in Montreal. If you and your mom come and visit, I'll show you myself!