Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter in Montreal

And the view from my flat is holiday themed. This is the racquet club next door, a beautiful old Tudor style building.

This was taken very quickly out of my sunroom window one evening, on my iPad. No enhancements or post processing or filters. This is exactly what it looked like.

Note the bike leaning on the fence. Someone actually rode a bike to the club.

Winter is so not the boss of us, here in Montreal.


nightsmusic said...

Oh, Pam! It looks like a picture postcard. Beautiful.

I haven't been here because we spent the summer and fall getting ready to list, selling and moving from the house I thought we'd be in forever. I am now trying very hard to get used to the house we bought. It's been...difficult.

Sure wish I had a view like that! :)

PS, we have no squirrels! Then again, we have no trees either :(

A Novel Woman said...

I'm sure it is difficult. We moved from the house we'd lived in for 24 years, where we raised our three kids, to a flat downtown. It was odd at first, and I will never ever get used to someone else's cooking smells wafting into my place from the hallway. But I'm learning to embrace change and so far so good. Give it time.

nightsmusic said...

I want to embrace it, but it doesn't help that I don't like the house we bought. The DH panic bought it because he thought we'd end up homeless. I told him if he made a few changes, I'd agree. But it's been very hard because it's the last style I'd have chosen.

I'm trying.

I understand about the cooking smells. I used to have that when I lived in an apartment. That, I can deal with. I have no linen closet! None. It's just been...hard...

But thanks for the encouragement.

Now, if only I'd see the occasional squirrel...