Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Woodpile Fit for a Dentist

I love to photograph patterns and textures, like stones in the river or rust on the side of an old barrel, or the undulating lines of a newly constructed stone wall. I find these types of photos soothing to look at and sometimes, as in the case of the rust photo, I can use them to add texture to another photo.

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Then I spied my woodpile on the backporch and I thought it be interesting, all those nondescript logs stacked up like that.

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Hold the phone. Nondescript? I took a closer look at this woodpile.

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By Jiminy, was that a face grinning back at me? Not just any face, either. A creepy clown face with a big, toothy grin.

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Who else but a dentist would have a creepy, clown-face, toothy-grinned log in his woodpile?


err0r said...
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Anonymous said...
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Lottery Girl said...

Loved the David Sedaris story! And I'm glad you're enjoying your camera. Mine fits in my purse, but sometimes I leave it at home, and every time I do I regret it! Really fun group of pics girl!

A Novel Woman said...

Hi L.G.!!

My trusty Nikon is currently residing under the bed at the cottage, but my little portable Canon Powershot SD1100 is always stuffed in my purse. Of course, it doesn't do me much good in there. Case in point - I was standing on the ferry when a pair of Great Herons flew by, in perfect tandem, with a sunset in the background. They passed within 20 feet of me and it would have been a great shot had I actually had my camera In My Hands. Ditto the pair of moose teenagers loping along the road in front of us a few months back. Ah well.

I'll see what the next couple of weeks brings!

Anonymous said...

I love pictures of's that old rustic pluck of the heartstrings. Your evil creepy clow face would make a great animated character, though.

laughingwolf said...

great stuff, pam!

most days i don't have my cam, when i run into good things to shoot :(

BB said...

Know the fascination with textures... SSB thinks I am mad. I am currently in love with ironbark trees - so rough and beautiful at the same time. That last pic cracked me up!!!!
PS Is there an interesting story behind the deleted comments??

A Novel Woman said...

Hahaha, Bush Babe! My sister emailed me and asked me the same question.

The posts were from a woman at a Canadian marketing company interested in me testing a whitening strip and blogging about it. I told her my husband is a dentist and I can get a free in-office Zoom whitening, so thanks but no thanks.

Btw,I did the ZOOM whitening, and as they finished up and admired my lovely refurbished pearly whites, his assistant casually mentioned no coffee or red wine for the next two weeks. Wha-at?! No one mentioned THAT little fact beforehand. Red wine I could give up, but there was no way I was about to eliminate my Morning Lovah cold-turkey. So my pearlies are less than white, but my mood is sweet.