Monday, February 9, 2009


That's right, thanks to you, our Buddy is now a finalist in the dog show contest featured on Ric Peterson's Dog Show on CJAD! From over two hundred entries, the Budster made it to the top twelve. You can see all twelve finalists HERE

So, I'm asking for your support one more time to carry our boy all the way home to a win.

Vote the same way as last time:

Put "Buddy P." in the subject field of your email and send it to

(Unless you see a cuter dog, in which case you should follow your conscience and vote for that dog. Buddy can handle it. He might have a bit of a sniffle in his dog bed, but he'll get over it as soon as you can say "wake up and smell the kibble.")


Voting ends at midnight Friday February 13th so get to it!

Whoo Hoo! Look at our little guy go!


Debby said...

My vote has been cast. That picture of his grumpy snow covered dog glare so captures my winter spirit that the choice was, for me, perfectly clear.

Good luck Budster. If it doesn't work out, remember, these things are rigged. The winner cheated. Or had a pushy stage mama. Something like that.

A Novel Woman said...

HAHAHA, thanks Debby!

Anonymous said...

I voted for the cutie pie. I didn't even have to look at the other dogs. They couldn't possibly have a sweeter grumpy face.

BB said...

Voted... for Buddy of course!! Mostly cause his little face looks cool with all that snow on his eyebrows - and we need all the cool we can get at the moment!

A Novel Woman said...

And the Aussie contingent comes through!

All kidding aside, our hearts really are with you right now.

Anonymous said...

Go Buddy! Piper, Angel, Joyishka... all eating dust. Your Bud is a shoe-in.
Kathleen in VA

Julie K said...

My vote has been cast for the Buds! Go, Buddy!!

A Novel Woman said...

Kathleen, you crack me up!

Thanks, Julie! Go Buddy!

Deniz Bevan said...

Yay Buddy!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Buddy!