Saturday, February 14, 2009

No News Yet Regarding Contest Results

The organizer of the contest is in B.C. right now, as we are starting the countdown to the next Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver in 2010, whoo hoo! So Ric Peterson has promised to do the tally this weekend and announce the winner on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, here are some photos to amuse you while we wait.

This is Doug and me when we were first dating. Sheesh. We were babies! Doug looks about fifteen (although I think in this photo, he is closer to thirty.)

And speaking of babies, I found some old photos of me pregnant. Note the cool, giant red 80s glasses, oh yeah. And please excuse the wonky angle as this was way before digital.

This is literally right before Eldest was born. That's a baby bump and a half.

And this is the next day, right after I delivered her, all set to go home from the hospital. I miss having babies in the house, their sweet little feet like balls of dough, their tiny ears, the way they yawn with their whole bodies, and kick like frogs, the soft nape of their necks and fuzzy heavy heads....sigh. I miss all of it.


Julie K said...

Love the photos! So beautiful - and you still are, of course.


Anonymous said...

I love the tapered white pants to go with the Sally Jessie Raphael glasses. :) Very 80s. And you and Doug both look so _serious_ in that picture.

A Novel Woman said...

Julie, Kathy is making fun of me! (g)

Kathy, did you also notice the white socks and Michael Jackson shoes? Snerk. I think we looked so serious because we were taking the photo ourselves and we were both staring at it to make sure it worked. Or we were trying to be artsy fartsy....who knows, it was so LONG ago.

Beth said...

Pam, what gorgeous pictures.

And you know, your hair is a little different now, but not much else has changed. Same lovely face.

Ditto on the babies. I mean, I don't really want to have another baby, but the essence of baby-ness--that I miss.